End Paddling of Children in Our Public Schools

End Paddling of Children in Our Public Schools


Special thanks to the creative efforts of Jared Abrams, filmmaker and father who produced “The Board of Education,” an educational and disturbing look at sanctioned violence against children in our schools.

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When I enrolled my daughter, Sadie, in Kindergarten, I was feeling what most mothers feel when she imagines sending her child to school for the first time – NERVOUS!  It is a leap of faith to trust the school will care for her.  I was hoping she would get the best Kindergarten teacher who would be kind and love kids, and that my daughter would make friends.  I wanted her first experience of school to be wonderful!

Bully Hotline

I’m busy signing the admissions paperwork, and am pleased to find the school has an anti-bully policy.  They even have a bully hotline.  I’m relieved to know they take bullying seriously. Im busy signing forms and reading about what to expect in Kindergarten and what my daughter will be learning.  It is so exciting!  But then in the stack of papers, I find a discipline form. I’m confused. What is this? It is a permission note for the school to use corporal punishment on my child.

The school wants me to sign a form that says they can hit Sadie with a paddle for discipline!

I can’t afford to homeschool my daughter, and even if I sign this waver, does that even help?  Questions started racing through my mind.
I can’t believe it. They hit children in my daughter’s school.  
I am in shock and I’m angry. What are we going to do?

* How can I be sure they won’t hit her?

* Will she hear a child being paddled in the hallway?

* Will they hit other children in front of her?

* Do teachers threaten children with paddling?

* How can she feel safe if she knows a teacher would hit her or her friends?

Permission Form

What am I going to do?  My first impulse was to deny permission and write an angry objection at the bottom.  Then I thought I could start a petition  to ask for help. Thankfully, many people were outraged, but others questioned if this form was even real!  Most people thought paddling was illegal in all US schools.

I can assure you, this form is real! This is really happening here in Leeds, Alabama. I wish it wasn’t real.  Worse yet, most of my neighbors and friends here in Alabama think it is a good idea for teachers to hit their children.

Many people posted comments of concern and outrage on Facebook, but we only have a few hundred signatures. We need a public outcry! We need thousands and thousands of signatures! The community here in Alabama believes in paddling children, so we need voices from all over the country to help raise awareness that this is child abuse.

What would you do if this was your child?

Many parents posted that if it was their child, they would take their child out of that school and move away if necessary.  But the truth is, most parents can’t send their kids to another school or homeschool let alone pick up and leave their homes and community.

Please take just a moment to sign this petition and send it on to your friends and family. Every signature helps. This is ONE thing you can do to help me and help my daughter. Please help us!

~ Wendy Chandler (Sadie’s Mom)

If we are ever to become serious about ending violence and preventing bullying in schools, we must lead by example. In 19 States, the practice of hitting children with boards is still practiced as a form of discipline in public schools. Please help us raise awareness and call for the end of paddling. Let’s get serious about creating SAFE SCHOOLS!

What can you do?

Call committee chair, Congressman John Kline at 202 225-4527 to support Ending CP in Schools by supporting the Hastings Bill.

The democratic staff person for the committee says “The most important thing you can do is flood the committee chair, Congressman John Kline, to bring these bills to the full committee.” When you call his office, the staff will tally the calls. You can also call your US Representative and ask for them to support the Hastings Bill.





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