Have You Enjoyed SPECIAL TIME with Your Child Today?

Have You Enjoyed SPECIAL TIME with Your Child Today?

Screen Shot 2014-04-11 at 9.09.21 AMEnjoy this PODCAST with Patty Wipfler, Founder of Hand-in-Hand Parenting and Robbyn Peters Bennett, Founder of StopSpanking as they discuss with parents how to stay connected while dealing with really difficult behaviors!  When children aren’t connected, they don’t feel good and they don’t behave well.

Our minds and our children’s minds work best when we feel close and connected.  We often rely on talking, but language is really like a second language to little children.  When they are upset or having a difficult time (which sometimes looks like they are BEING difficult!), we can help by using their primary language of eye contact, touch, body language, and play.

Learn how to use small amounts of time to build connection, warmth, and cooperation with your child.  Just a few minutes can have a positive impact. Learn how to create SPECIAL TIME, to increase your child’s sense of connectedness.  You say to your child, “I’ve got ten minutes just for you.  What would you like to do? I’ll do anything you like.”  And then you spend 10 minutes bathing them in your care and love.

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