Professional Athletes Tackle Spanking

Professional Athletes Tackle Spanking

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My dad would say, lad this is how you do it in the old school, this is how you make it, this what a man’s got to do to be a man.


I had to get the switch from the tree … and if I cried the beating was even worse.


There’s no way I could have been fortunate enough to play in the NFL for 17 years, have two college degrees, and have the discipline I have in my life if I didn’t have that structure.

Screen Shot 2014-12-08 at 1.49.23 PMAsadah Kirkland and Robbyn Peters Bennett had the opportunity to join the discussion
with Pro Player Insiders and talk with several amazing athletes including Adrian Peterson’s mentor Tony Richardson — about spanking.  These players talk candidly about their upbringing, their experience of being spanked with belts, switches and the feeling of living in fear of parents whom you also dearly love and respect.

Join Melissa Mahler with Pro Player Insiders and Andrew Willis with the Stop Abuse Campaign as they host a discussion on spanking in light of the abuse charges against Adrian Peterson for striking his son.Pro Player Insiders Pro Player Insiders include Tony Richardson, former NFL player with the Minnesota Vikings and mentor to Adrian Peterson; Tyree Washington, Olympic winner champion in the 400 meter; and Craig McEwen, former NFL player with the Washington Red Skins.  They share their personal experiences of being raised with harsh discipline and how their upbringing has formed their viewpoint on discipline and spanking.

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