Is Spanking really a GATEWAY to Criminal Child Abuse?


World Health Organization Lists the Following

"Stop Corporal Punishment" (Spanking) is one of the six recommendations to prevent child abuse and neglect.

Stop Corporal Punishment (Spanking) is one of six recommendations to prevent child abuse and neglect.



Rainbird Foundation
As an organization committed to the end of child abuse, we agree with the researchers who say that abolishing spanking from every state in the union is essential to ending child abuse. That our society still questions whether spanking is a form of violence is an absurd act of denial that contributes to the violence that children endure in this country. We think that your documentary is an elegant, efficient way to deal with this controversial subject. We wish you and your colleagues great success, and we will continue to find ways to support you and your film project.
Thank you for the work you are doing,
Hanna Roth, Founder,The Rainbird Foundation
Dr. Vincent J. Felitti, MD, Co-Principle Researcher ACE Study, Kaiser and CDC
“While spanking or hitting relieves parental tension and sometimes immediately changes behavior, it does so by creating anxiety and fear. Creating anxiety and fear damages trust, attachment, and warmth between parent and child – a huge and unrecognized price that is charged to the future. Depicting these ideas subtly in a TV serial drama would help many people understand what doing better looks like.
I feel lucky because of spending several summers working on a farm as a kid. I was then, and still am, impressed by how well the animals treated their offspring. The cows never gored the calves, the pigs never harmed the piglets, the sheep never harmed the lambs, and the horses never kicked or bit the colts. They stuck with each other and they all grew up right. It was quite memorable.”
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The Alliance to End the Hitting of Children
“Our mission  is to end all hitting of children at school and at home using educational. As such Robbyn Peters Bennett’s film project is such a fit for us that we have contributed financially to it . Robbyn is extremely energetic and ambitious about using film to address the myth that spanking is not any big deal. She is determined to show the link between spanking and permanently damaging physical and emotional abuse. This is crucial and foundational work in changing the culture that still believes in disciplining children through the obsolete methods  of fear and violence.