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.Hillary’s story is an American story. Do you remember her?  She posted a video of her father, a Texas Family Judge, beating her with a belt.  Hillary is not alone.  One in three Americans report being physically abused in the home as children.  30% of parents spank their children with a belt or other implement.  Where do you draw the line?



Can spanking really cause brain damage?

An interview with Dr. Martin Teicher, Neuroscientist, Researcher on Early Abuse & Neglect and the Effects on Brain Development.



OK, I understand that spanking is risky, but what do I do instead?

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Please support our work in sharing the risks of spanking and promoting positive parenting!


Mission Statement

We are a non-profit organization dedicated to reducing violence by educating the public on negative effects of spanking and to promoting scientifically accepted, developmentally appropriate positive discipline.

A Rampant Problem that Affects Most Children

•    30% of American parents begin spanking when their child is under a year old

•    50% of all toddlers are spanked three or more times a week

•    Over 90% of all toddlers are spanked at least once

Is Spanking really a GATEWAY to Criminal Child Abuse?

•    Over 88 million Americans are physically abused as children

•    Parents who believe in spanking are 4 – 7 times more likely to abuse their children

•    Most physical child abuse begins with physical punishment  

World Health Organization Lists the Following

"Stop Corporal Punishment" (Spanking) is one of the six recommendations to prevent child abuse and neglect.

Stop Corporal Punishment (Spanking) is one of six recommendations to prevent child abuse and neglect.



Rainbird Foundation
As an organization committed to the end of child abuse, we agree with the researchers who say that abolishing spanking from every state in the union is essential to ending child abuse. That our society still questions whether spanking is a form of violence is an absurd act of denial that contributes to the violence that children endure in this country. We think that your documentary is an elegant, efficient way to deal with this controversial subject. We wish you and your colleagues great success, and we will continue to find ways to support you and your film project.
Thank you for the work you are doing,
Hanna Roth, Founder,The Rainbird Foundation
Dr. Vincent J. Felitti, MD, Co-Principle Researcher ACE Study, Kaiser and CDC
“While spanking or hitting relieves parental tension and sometimes immediately changes behavior, it does so by creating anxiety and fear. Creating anxiety and fear damages trust, attachment, and warmth between parent and child – a huge and unrecognized price that is charged to the future. Depicting these ideas subtly in a TV serial drama would help many people understand what doing better looks like.
I feel lucky because of spending several summers working on a farm as a kid. I was then, and still am, impressed by how well the animals treated their offspring. The cows never gored the calves, the pigs never harmed the piglets, the sheep never harmed the lambs, and the horses never kicked or bit the colts. They stuck with each other and they all grew up right. It was quite memorable.”
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The Alliance to End the Hitting of Children
“Our mission  is to end all hitting of children at school and at home using educational. As such Robbyn Peters Bennett’s film project is such a fit for us that we have contributed financially to it . Robbyn is extremely energetic and ambitious about using film to address the myth that spanking is not any big deal. She is determined to show the link between spanking and permanently damaging physical and emotional abuse. This is crucial and foundational work in changing the culture that still believes in disciplining children through the obsolete methods  of fear and violence.

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8 Responses to

  1. Joel Kall says:

    I agree. Give children a voice and protect them from any form of abuse. No spanking is ok ever against children ever!

    Important to see also:

    If link not load try in 30 min or next day try many times.

    God bless all.

  2. Bob and Chris says:

    Hi Robbyn, your video on Ted Talks is awesome! My wife and I were surprised to see only one video when we searched “Ted Talks” and “spanking”on YouTube. I think you are onto something here with “the video” as the way to reach parents who need info on this very important subject. We actually raised our 3 children without hitting and we are glad someone like you is providing the information to parents who care to raise their children without violence. Bob & Chris

  3. Brandi Gallegos says:

    I feel so awful about spanking but I still do it. How can I wnd this terrible cycle?

    • Hi Brandi,

      I sounds like you need support! Check out this link where Amy Bryant and I talk about resiliency. There is a resource page on this link of books and online websites that can give you ideas.

      I believe the best thing is to join a Facebook group where there are other parents and parenting educators that can help. We all need community! Here are my two favorite groups. They are closed groups, because there is a standard of respect to keep the group safe and supportive. Just ask to join!

      1. Lives in the Balance, Collaborative Proactive Solutions with Ross Greene.

      2. Parenting Beyond Punishment with Amy Bryant.

      Reach out and find community. Parenting is hard, and you shouldn’t have to do it alone. Thank you so much for writing!

  4. Randy says:

    I could never spank my kids because of the way I was spanked. My parents used a belt and I was always bare. I’d get 20-30 smacks on my bottom and 10-20 on my penis. I can still feel the fear and pain to this do. No child should be spanked.

    • I’m horrified and terribly sad to hear what happened to you, Randy! You are so amazing that you stopped the cycle of violence.

  5. Julie says:

    I’ m terribly sorry too. I had to hold tears reading your post. I too have chosen to not spank my kid as well after a horific childhood. Let’s keep on changing the fate of the next generation one gentle upbringing at a time!

    • You are an inspiration Julie. Yes. We can help change the fate of our children and grandchildren. That is a beautiful thing that gives me hope.

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