The Art of Co-Regulation

Co-regulation fosters a resiliency to help us respond to stress in a healthy way. A resilient brain…

There are so many different parenting programs and books on parenting! How do you figure out which approach promotes resiliency? First, it helps to know a little about your child’s brain.

Co-regulation is a parenting method based upon brain science that:

  1. Cultivates self regulation,
  2. Promotes a secure bond between parent and child, and
  3. Supports optimal development of intelligence, empathy, and social skills
To learn more about resiliency and your child’s brain, check out this presentation:

Many of us struggle with losing our cool more than we would like.  If we have trouble with our own emotional regulation, it makes parenting that much harder! Amy Bryant, with Parenting Beyond Punishment, joins Robbyn Peters Bennett to discuss how to de-escalate a child who is ramping up and how to build resiliency in our children and ourselves.

ACE / Resiliency Assessment

Online “Neuro-developmentally Informed” Parenting Resources:

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Sensory Processing Checklist: