Helper Cards

Need an Easy Way to Share the Harms of Spanking?

Simply hand parents a helper card!

These cards link to online resources so parents can…
  • Surf excellent parenting websites
  • Join a LIVE Facebook parenting support groups
  • Watch a free webinar on peaceful parenting


Parents can scan the QR Code on the Helper Cards with their phone.

Click this code to see the parenting page that will appear on their phone!
Number of Helper Cards

HELPER CARDS are one way to respond to the recent policy statement issued by the AAP that considers spanking the most prevalent risk for child abuse, and urges pediatricians to educate parents on healthier and safer alternatives!

Would you like to see your Health Professional share the harms of spanking with parents?

Offer them a CARE PACKAGE!

…or send us their contact information and we will be happy to mail one to them directly!

Care Package:

  1. Information on how to implement a NoHitZone
  2. Research on NoHitZones
  3. Sample Helper Cards to share with parents
  4. Hands are for Holding Magnet
  5. A personal note offering support!
DonateButtonTo order a Care Package, simply donate $10 to StopSpanking. We are a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. Be sure to send us a note to let us know if you want us send you a care package, or if you want us to contact your care provider directly! Thank you!