Leslie Ellis, PhD, RCC

Dr. Ellis is a leading expert in the use of somatic approaches in psychotherapy, and specializes in the use focusing for treating PTSD and complex trauma. She earned her PhD in Clinical Psychology from the Chicago School of Professional Psychology, with a specialization in somatic approaches to therapy. Her dissertation on using focusing-oriented therapy to treat PTSD for refugees with recurrent nightmares won the Ernest Hartmann award from the International Association for the Study of Dreams in 2015.


She has a Masters from Pacific Graduate Institute and has worked as a therapist in private practice in Vancouver, BC for 20 years. Her approach to therapy combines Jungian and focusing-oriented techniques to treat individuals suffering from depression, anxiety and the effects of trauma. She is adjunct faculty at Adler University where she teaches clinical skills and trauma theory and practice in the Masters of Counselling program. She is a Certifying Coordinator with The Focusing Institute and runs a Vancouver-based certification program for practicing therapists who want to incorporate focusing-oriented therapy techniques into their practice. Dr. Ellis has published numerous book chapters and journal articles on the use of focusing in psychotherapy.

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